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Are you good, cheap and immediately available? Neither are we.

However, if you’re an experienced full stack, embedded or mobile developer, tired of being a cog in the eternally churning corporate wheel and want to be in the driving seat rather than a on the passenger side (and you’re not an entirely asocial dingbat), hop onboard the Rocket!

Rocket scientists work in client projects, mainly in the premises and under the supervision of the client.

The projects vary in their domain, size and duration but also have one thing in common: they are assignments in which the client’s need meets the developer’s interests and expertise. And, of course, they also provide an opportunity for professional development.



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We work with organisations of all types and sizes. Our projects range from short spurts to continuous collaboration lasting several years. Check out our public references here.


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Why should you board the Rocket?

Rakettitiede has the best salaries and coworkers in the business.

We believe that skilled developers are supposed to be paid in accordance with their productivity. Our “Pay more and save” slogan aimed at our clients is a great way to describe this efficiency: it’s cheaper to choose a seasoned professional who does things right the first time than to pay less for mediocre work that takes too long to finish.

Our central values include respecting others, transparency, professionalism, collaboration, learning and a fundamental “no BS” attitude.

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6 reasons for boarding the Rocket

1. Hardcore skills

Coding is not rocket science, but there are differences between professionals. Clients appreciate our rocket scientists not only for their expertise but also for the fact that they work well together with others. Our consultants’ array of tools include state-of-the-art technologies and solutions, and we’re not afraid to learn new things when the situation calls for it.

2. A culture for adult tastes

One of our rocket scientists called our shuttle “a consulting company for adults”. While he might’ve been on to something there, quite often our inner 7-year-olds take over and play around tongue-in-cheek. Yet, we are adults when we come to work in the morning and go home in the evening, we get paid adult money and talk about things by their real names.

We don’t have parties every week, the upholstery of our office sofas doesn’t change according to the most recent trends and we don’t organise any table hockey tournaments. But of course we spend time together every once in a while and have fun at our traditional summer, crayfish or Christmas parties.

All in all, our culture is incorporated into our core values, which you can read more about here.

3. Boasting some of the best salaries in the industry

From the very beginning, the basic idea of Rakettitiede has been to provide our great employees with a great salary for their great work. This idea stems directly from the huge productivity differences between developers: software is coded not by an anonymous resource but by a human. A skilled developer or a small team of great professionals may produce finished services in the same amount of time it takes for others to try to get hold of their coders.

 Our rocket scientists get 50% of the amount they bill their clients. Our pay is significantly higher than the average salaries in the industry – and you don’t have to work overtime to achieve it.

The average annual earnings of our consultants are about 95k (if full paid holidays, statistics from 2019). As the hourly price for different projects may vary, holidays and sick leaves are paid according to the central salary. If the Rocket Scientist doesn’t charge a customer, the monthly salary is 2 800 €.

4. Great company

Whether you’re the mad scientist or bohemian artist type, you’re bound to find some like-minded people onboard the Rocket. Our rocket scientists talk about IT a lot, but you shouldn’t have any problems finding someone to talk to if you want to discuss things like business, biology or bouldering.

5. Great benefits

Our benefits are exactly the same as those of the best companies in the industry, but with us you get to choose the projects that you enjoy the most. We believe that the best work is carried out by people who work on things that are genuinely interesting to them.

But since you’re here and want some more details, here are some of our benefits: OP’s comprehensive Extra Health Insurance, the opportunity to choose your own tools, lunch benefit and a living room-like office at the centre of Helsinki. As long as the client doesn’t have any preferences for where and when you do your work, we don’t really care either.

6. Startup projects

Rakettitiede originally emerged from the Founding Five’s desire to test and implement promising business ideas alongside real work. Startup-orientedness is still one of the basic components that fuels our Rocket.

If you have a good idea that you want to advance, or if you want to be part of a team implementing a startup project, we provide a great opportunity for doing so. When working on startups, having a group of well-informed colleagues doesn’t hurt either (at least not much).

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(Too) frequently asked questions

How do I apply?

  • Get in touch

    Send us your contact information, and we’ll talk some more!

  • Code sample

    We are happy to receive links to your previous work. If you’re a coder, we ask you to provide a code sample.

  • Lunch with a Rocket Scientist

    A Rocket meeting with a side of rocket salad: on a lunch date, you’ll hear what working life is really like onboard the Rocket.

  • Let’s find a project that’s right for you

    During your lunch date with a Rocket Accelerator, we’ll try to match you up with the right project.

  • Welcome onboard the shuttle!

    A project was found – congratulations and welcome onboard, fellow Rocket Scientist!


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