Become a Rocket Scientist?

Rakettitiede is growing steadily and we are looking for more top-notch developers, who we call Rocket Scientists. Perhaps that is you?

Become a Rocket Scientist!

We expect you to be a seasoned professional with a track record of doing good work on challenging assignments. Age, gender or formal education is not a criteria, we value the skills to create good software for and with others.

A Rocket Scientist is there for the customer. Our customers expect primarily high quality professional work, but they also appreciate being updated and adviced. Flexibility is expected as projects and realities evolve, and a solid professional can step up to help as needed. And speak up, as a Rocket Scientists should not be expected to be just a silent pair of extra hands.

You should be a good person with interest of getting even better. We value our open, honest and no-nonsense culture, where all are respected, heard and supported. 

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We are looking for:

  • Mobile app gurus (native and hybrid),

  • Senior web-frontend and full stack developers, and

  • Embedded developers.

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Rakettitiede in a nutshell

Become a rocket scientist
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